Development History of the OrnaVerum website
Please note the Version Number format of AA.BB.CC  : 
AA :  represents a major release
BB :  represents a minor release
CC :  represents corrective amendments of text or layout
However, this third level of version number is treated with benign neglect - incremental corrections
and improvements are constantly progressed from behind the scenes without fanfare or hullabaloo.
But any change whatsoever, large or small, is reflected in the "Updated" alert on the Home page-title bar.
Version No. Version Date    Features Introduced or Revised  
1.00.00 23-Nov-11 Bristol Papers 1 - 6 scanned into .bmp sheet format
    Sheets consolidated into .pdf format  
    Home, Dedication, Manuscripts, About and Contact pages built
    PostDoc, PostGrad and Further Links pages built
    Personal, Education, Soapbox and WebWizard pages built
    UEA PhD Thesis scanned into .bmp  sheet format
    Sheets consolidated into .pdf format  
    CAC obituary scanned into .bmp format  
    Papers 1-6 Preview pages built  
    Thesis Chapters/Appendices Preview pages built
    Release Notes, Copyright Notice and Disclaimer pages built
1.01.00 16-Jan-12 WebWizard merged with new Website page
    Customised text-search facility incorporated
    External Examiner reference added to PostGrad page
    Additional obituary link for Stephen Mason on PostGrad page
    Reference to recent textbook by Roger Grinter added to PostGrad page
    Title bar embellished with Schrödinger graphics
    Minor rev to What's It For paragraph on Home page
1.02.00 08-Mar-12 Optional hot harpsichord muzak during PDF manuscript downloads
    Google-driven clarification of name details on Personal page
2.00.00 31-Mar-12 Programs option added to menu bar  
    Postgrad Programs page built  
    ANGLIA source-code migrated to PC  
    ANGLIA page built, plus Theory summary, Program Architecture guide, 
      Card Input guide, and Program Release notes
    Passworded ANGLIA source-code download facility
    'Under Development' pages for temporarily non-functional stubs
    Further text and links added to Home page and Soapbox page
    Caveat Lector and Charivaria subsections added to Home page
    Publications option added to menu bar  
    Postgrad and Postdoc Publications pages built
2.01.00 04-Jul-12 Family option added to menu bar  
    Modifications to Home page in respect of Family option
    Family page built and Kaulback Connection established
    Howard, Waddell and Blunt Connections also established
    Fortran option added to Programs menu & Fortran page built
    UEA Lectures feature added to Dedication page
    Statistics option added to About Website page
2.02.00  12-Oct-12 Associated family Connections so far established: Balquhatstone,
    Peddie, Erskine & Wardlaw, Hoste, Townend, James
2.03.00 20-Jan-13 Little family Connection now initiated  
    Ferguson, Donaldson, Brearley and Girling Connections established
    Mollie and Meg Waddell profiles completed
    Jock Halcro Ferguson profile completed  
    Harry Brearley profile completed  
    Robert Sr and Walter (aka William) Waddell profiles in progress
    'Historical Sources for Waddell Family' greatly extended
    Kendall Connection now initiated and Hoste Connection extended
    A M Kaulback's What Lies Beyond now accessible in scanned format
2.04.00 10-May-13 Kaulback and Waddell heraldic arms displayed and investigated
    Malet, Lens & Wahull Connection completed
    Masterbuilder, Marie Hamilton, Health, Consultancy and Intermezzo
      sections of W W Waddell profile completed
    Kendall Connection now rationalised and substantially extended
    Recent website updates now announced on Home page
    Synopsis of Andrea Waddell's just-published volume of her poetry, 
     Sounds of the Soul : Adventures in Time
    ? New section 'Ghosts' in Gt Grandfather James Waddell's profile
    ? Roy and Simon Kaulback profiles completed
    ? Major new section 'Chain(s) round St Pauls' in Grandfather
      Robert Waddell's profile inaugurated  
3.00.00 14-Sep-13   Website migration to new hosting-service successfully completed
      Features in this table prefixed by a box symbol now accessible directly
      by clicking the box  
    ? Mathematical profile of the catenary completed
    ? Profile of Aunt Jane Waddell Renaud sections Memorial Service, 
        Narratives, Hiking Trails, and Education now completed
    ? Greatly extended and improved Townend Connection
    ? Greatly extended Howard Connection  
    ? Improved Hoste Connection  
    ? Extended Findlay & Gueritz Connection  
    ? Profile of Uncle Robin Waddell significantly improved and extended
    ? New Renaud Connection   
    ? New Douglas-Dufresne Connection  
    ? Substantially improved James Connection
    ? New Long Connection  
    ? New Sneyd Connection  
    ? Substantially extended Kaulback Connection
    ? New Stairs Connection  
    ? New Morrow Connection  
    ? New Bradshaw Connection  
    ? New section "An Elephant's Kiss" in Sonia Kaulback (Waddell) profile
    ? Improved and extended Balquhatstone Connection of First Line
    ? Improved Balquhatstone Connection of Second Line
    ? New 'Rude Forefathers' section in Hoste Connection
    ? New Profile of Laurence Austine Waddell
3.01.00 05-Apr-14 ? New Little Connection  
    ? New Findlay of Boturich Connection  
    ? Improved 'Rude Forefathers' section in Kaulback Connection
    ? Profile of nephew Simon Waddell  
    ? New Erskine of Mar and Dun Connection
    ? New Erskine of Kellie and Cambo Connection
    ? New Erskine of Huntsville and South Bend Connection
    ? Recently discovered love poems of Charles Farquharson Findlay
3.02.00 20-Sep-14 ? Swedish Link added to Kellie and Cambo Connection
    ? New Bantry Connection, also comprising:
    ?     New Hutchins Family & Ardnagashel Link
    ?     New White Family & Bantry House Link
    ?     New Bryce Family & Ilnacullin Link  
    ? Extended Profile of Archdeacon James Albert Kaulbach of Nova Scotia
    ? New Waddell of Nova Scotia Connection
    ? Improved Profile of Laurence Austine Waddell (unique portrait)
    ? Revised House of Dun Link  
    ? New Halcro and Erskine Connection  
    ? New Findlay and Ritchie Connection  
    ? New Profile of Tom Leadbetter Cottrell   
    ? New Profile of Alexander Crum Brown  
    ? New Constance Markiewicz Link from within Bryce Link
    ? Improved retrospective on Ardnagashel House Hotel
    ? New section "Friends in High Places" in Sonia Kaulback (Waddell) profile
    ? New Erskine of Alva and Rosslyn Connection
3.03.00 31-Aug-15 ? New Stewart-Smith Connection  
    ? Profile of Irene Curzon (Ravensdale) and her extensive social set
    ? Greatly improved Annie Cosby profile  
    ? Improved Donaldson Connection  
    ? Profiles of M E M Donaldson and Isabel Bonus
    ? Greatly improved Hutchins Family & Ardnagashel Link
    ? New section "Where Smugglers Walked" in Ronald Kaulback profile
4.00.00 11-Feb-16 ? The Manuscripts, Publications, and Programs menu options are now
         subordinated under a new Academic option. This will rebalance the
         current emphasis of the website, and also free-up space for new
         menu options in due course.  
    ? Corrected and improved Balquhatstone Connection of Second Line
    ? New section "Gap Year in Prague" in Andrea Waddell profile
    ? New section "Wit and Wisdom" in Walter (William) Waddell profile
    ? New Hoather and Spencer Connection  
    ? New Cosby of Stradbally Connection  
    ? Still WIP re Libel Trial in Charles Farquharson Findlay profile
    ? Improved Douglas-Dufresne Connection  
    ? Improved Cosby of Stradbally Connection, including original family trees
    ? New John Chaytor Brinton profile in James Connection
    ? New images in Ardnagashel "Gallery" and "Approaches" sections
    ? New image in Grannie Waddell "Visit to Victoria BC" section
    ? The Dedication menu option has now also been subordinated to the
          Academic option, and the About option has been moved to replace it
    ? New WIP re Long Connection and Howard Connection
    ? Improved Ferguson Connection   
    ?          and Lamberty Connection  
    ? New section "34 Redcliffe Gardens" in Robin Waddell profile
    ?      including "When History held its Breath" as WWII loomed
    ? New Huntons, O'Shaughnessys and Orwells Link
    ? New section "Hats off, gentlemen! a genius!" in Andrea Waddell profile
    ? New profile of James Scott Findlay b 1833
    ?            and of James Scott Findlay b 1865
    ? New long-term WIP re Isobel Bonus' sketchbooks
    ? New section "Q's and A's" in Ardnagashel Connection
    ? New sections "Epilogue" et seq appended to French Connection
    ? Better hyperlinks between Erskine of Mar and Erskines of Kellie & Cambo
    ? New sections "The Knowledge" and "Atomic Ambitions" in REW profile
    ? New section "The Scots and the Jews" in Sanders Spencer profile
5.00.00 02-Jun-17 Website migration to new hosting-service successfully completed
    ? New About/Musicale option added (though if activated from here 
        rather than menu bar, it enthusiastically plays the whole repertoire !)
    ? Improved Kendall Connection  
    ? New section "Unpublished works" in M E M Donaldson profile
    ? New Good Connection  
    ? New WIP Weidner / Coupland Connection 
    ? W Bridges-Adams and Salvin Bowlby links in Bantry Connection
    ? Profile of Sofka Skipwith and her Tsarist Russian ancestry
    ? New WIP Abu Dhabi link in Robin Waddell profile
    ? New Wishart Connection  
    ? Profile of clipper Captain Alexander Lawrence of the Orient
    ? Improved account of Imperial College 1962 expedition to Abu Dhabi
    ? Additional account of Imperial College 1964 expedition to Abu Dhabi
    ? Much improved Dodds Connection  
    ? New Ritchie and Ritchie Findlay Link  
    ? Much improved 'Horsham Waddells' Connection
    ? Much improved Rev Richard Free 'Isle of Dogs' Link
    ? Uncle Sandy's posthumous godfather at last revealed ?
    ? New WIP section Career Path in my brother Simon's profile
    ? Much more extensive display of wedding guests in my profile
    ?     (don't fail to enjoy the Vivaldi-Bach brilliance that follows)
    ? Uncle Bill, the Lowther family and the Royal Geographical Society
    ? Much improved Highgate Cemetery section of great grandfather 
        Charles Farquharson Findlay profile  
    ? Much improved Sofka Skipwith profile   
5.10.00 06-Oct-18 ? Much improved Sophia Emma Martin details
    ? Much improved William Wardlaw Waddell educational details
    ? Improved antecedent detail for Little-Cleghorn family links with Orkney
      Further WIP George Orwell amatory and familial details
    ? Tentative details of Findlay, Ritchie and Renny family connections via flax
    ? Ongoing WIP improvements in tabulated Findlay-Ritchie family details
    ? New WIP section The Rude Forefathers in Findlay & Ritchie Connection 
    ? New section Trimetrics For Girls in Sophia Emma (Martin) Whittle profile
    ? Much improved and extended Blunt Connection
    ? WIP details of Bank failures affecting Waddell and Cowbrough families
    ? Improved details for profiles of Frank Kingdon-Ward
    ?     and Ronald Kaulback  
    ?     and Bertram Brooks-Carrington  
    ?     and John Hanbury-Tracy  
    ? Much improved Generation Table in the Findlay & Gueritz Connection
    ? New section Powertyping in Walter Wardlaw Waddell profile
    ? New WIP section Epilogue  
    ? Much improved section The Rude Forefathers in the Kaulback Connection
    ? New section Mad King Ludwig II of Bavaria in the Kaulback Connection
    ? Much improved Generation Table in the Waddell Connection
    ? New Haywood and Hill Connection  
    ? New (Hilary) Page Connection  
    ? New section Letters From America in Robert Waddell profile
Last updated 28 Jun 2019
Created Jun - Jul 2011