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23 Jan 2024
updated 23 Jan 2024

Most recently-posted Charivaria items


(7 Dec 2021) The death has just been disclosed of Frederick (Riki) Hyde-Chambers, who has been a great friend not only of the Tibetan people in general, but also of their spiritual leader HH the Dalai Lama in particular. Please click here to see his obituary (or here for pdf copy) and here for the wider context.

(16 Dec 2021) Closer to home, I’ve just been contacted with news that the very remarkable Freda Bingley (née Waddell) had died on 10 Nov 2021, at the impressive age of 93.


(5 Apr 2021) The Friends of Ryebank Fields, to which my wife and I belong, works constantly to preserve this area from redevelopment by Manchester Metropolitan University, and this impromptu video, featuring Mrs Robin, went live just the other day.

(18 Jun 2021) Sincere thanks to a very kind friend for arranging this memento of our daughter Andrea's birthday despite a heavy downpour! And in a further act of great kindness they have also renovated her memorial plaque.

(18 Jun 2022) Another beautiful spray of flowers, from our very kind friend's own garden, to commemorate Andrea's this year's birthday.