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19 Dec 2022
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A Voice from a Highland Scrap Heap

This was clearly written at the outset of the Second World War – "Hitler's War" – at the outset (1939) of which Donaldson not unreasonably expected that she would in due course be enabled to replicate the significant administrative contribution she had made during the First World War – "The Kaiser's War".

This was not to be. She was already over the retirement age of 60 mysteriously ordained for women at that time, and officialdom ignored her. She wasn't happy, as one can see from her introduction to this document. After all, she was somewhat younger and fitter than Churchill himself! But she was on the scrap-heap.

So, on the plausible pretext that creative writers such as herself were in fact being officially encouraged to boost the national morale by keeping calm and carrying on, she did just that. Sadly, however, Isabel Bonus, her lode star, her alpha and omega, her be-all and end-all, fell ill and died in 1941, and that probably explains why this narrative is suddenly curtailed after just three chapters.

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