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23 Jan 2024
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Johan Henric Engelhart, born 17 Oct 1759 in Gothenburg, died 24 Oct 1832 in Fellingsbro, was a Swedish medical student, university lecturer, and priest. He received his Doctorate of Philosophy at Lund in 1778. In 1780 he became a Doctor of Medicine and undertook a foreign study trip, from which he returned in 1786.

Meanwhile, he had been promoted in the Faculty of Medicine in Lund to Ordinary Extraordinary Lecturer (1782) and Anatomy Demonstrator (1784). In 1787, he became Lecturer in Medicine and Anatomy at Gothenburg High School and was appointed Professor of Practical Medicine in 1788 at Lund University.

He was ordained a priest in 1815 but when he was appointed vicar in Fellingsbro in 1816, he was dismissed from his post of Professor. Prior to this, Engelhart had been one of Lund University's most distinguished teachers.

He was thought to be the author of the report by the Faculty of Medicine in Lund on the causes of Crown Prince Karl August's death in 1810, which is a telling proof of the high reputation of the University's medical faculty at this time. Engelhart was in favour of a combination of medical and theological studies, the so-called "priest medicine", which for a brief period was considered particularly valuable.

But several academic dissertations discussed/disputed Engelhart's letter from Edinburgh on James Hamilton's overall findings about the benefits of sweating in dropsy (in 'The doctor and naturalist', part 5).