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Kennedy-Erskine of Dun

THE LATE AUGUSTUS JOHN WILLIAM HENRY KENNEDY-ERSKINE, 19th of Dun, Co. Forfar, J.P.,late Capt. Forfar and Kincardine Artillery, b. 12 April, 1866; S. his father 1870; m. 3 Nov. 1896, ALICE MARJORIE CUNNINGHAM (life rentrix of Dun), dau. of Rev. Alexander Leith Ross Foote, M.A., Marischal Coll, co. Aberdeen (1821) D.D. Edinburgh (1870), Minister of Brechin and Kelimore (1834-1843) and of West Free Church Brechin (1843-78) by Alison Ker, dau. of Major-Gen. Cunningham of Newton and Hunting Tower, H.E.I.C.s. He d. 2 Feb.1908, leaving issue,

1. AUGUSTUS JOHN, 20th Laird, b. 16 Nov.1900.

2. William Henry, twin with his brother; educ. Rugby.

1. Violet Marjorie Augusta, d. 25 Dec. 1934.

2. Millicent Alison Augusta.

Lineage.-Sm THOMAS ERSKINE of that ilk, got Dun by charter 8 Nov. 1375, on the resignation of his father, Sir Robert Erskine. He m. Janet, dau. of Sir Edward Keith of Sinton, widow of Sir David Barclay of Brechin, and heiress of Mar, and by her had issue, Robart, 1st Lord ERSKINE (ancestor of the Earls of Mar and Kellie), and John (Sir) of Dun. Sir Thomas was taken prisoner at Homildon Hill, 14 Sept. 1402, and d. in captivity in England, ca. 1404. His younger son, Sir JOHN ERSKINE, 1st of Dun, who had a charter of that estate 1392, was S. by his son,

ALEXANDER ERSKINK, 2nd of Dun, living 1450, but d. before 1468, leaving by Janet, his wife, who survived him, a son,

JOHN ERSKINE, 3rd of Dun, had a charter 28 Jan. 1449- 50, m. Marjory, dau. of Robert Graham of Ewisdale and Morphy, and d. 1508, leaving issue.

1. John

2. Thomas k. at Flodden 1513

3. Alexander of Fordhouse.

1. Isobel, m. Lundy of Benholme.

The eldest son, JOHN ERSKINE, 4th of Dun, m. Katherine, dan. of William Monypenay of Pitmillie, and fell at Flodden, 1513, having had with other issue, two sons,

1. John of Dun.

2. Sir Thomas of Haltoun, Tutor of Dun, Knt., Secretary of State to JAMES V, M.P. for Montrose, Ambassador to France, and a Lord of Session 1537, as Lord Brechin, ancestor of the ERSKINES of Pittodrie.

The eldest son, SIR John ERISKINE of Montrose, and Keeper of Inverqucich, fell at Flodden with his father and uncle, m. Margaret, dau. of William, 1st Lord Ruthven, and widow of Alexander Stewart, 2nd Earl of Buchan, and by her (d,5 Aug. 1548) left a son,

SIR JOHN ERSKINE of Dun, M.P. for Montrose and Provost of Montrose, a leading Reformer, Superintendent of Angus and Mearns, Constable of Montrose, which he defended against the English, 1548, was one of the envoys who attended the marriage of Queen MARY to the Dauphin, a member of Convocation, and five times Moderator of the Ceneral Assembly of the Church of Scotland in 1564, 1565, 1566, 1567 and 1572, finally Minister of Dun, 1575-1583, b. 1509; m. 1stt (cont. 25 Dec. 1525), Elizabeth, dau. of David, Earl of Crawford, and by her (d.29 July, 1538) had issue. He m. 2ndly, 24 Jan,1538-9, Barbara de Bierle, dau. of the Lord of Gamnecourt, in Picardy, a lady of the household of Queen MARY of Lorraine. They had a charter of the lands of Kirkbuddo, 20 Sept. 1543. By her (d. 15 Nov. 1571) he was ancestor of the EERSKINES of Kirkbuddo. Sir John d. 22 March, 1589-90. His second son by his first wife,

ROBERT ERSKINE, 6th of Dun, m. Katherine, a dau. of Robert Graham of Morphy, and d. 27 Dec. 1590, leaving a son,

JOHN ERSKINE of Logie and 7th of Dun, m. Agnes, dau. of James, 4th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, and d.27 June, 2591, having had issue,


2. David m. Jean Maule, sister of Patrick, 1st Earl of Panmure, and d. before 1610, leaving issue,

1. John of Dun, s. his cousin.

2. ALEXANDER (Sir) of Dun, s. his brother.

3. Robert, Ballie of Montrose, 1602, beheaded for having practised witchcraft and poisoned his nephew, 2 Dec. 1613.

1. Jane, m. 1577, Patrick Panter of Newmains

2. Helen, banished, 22 March, 1615; m. 1620, Patrick Halcroin Weir, Orkney, and had issue.

3. Isobel & 4. Anne-beheaded together, 24 June, 1624, for the same offence as their brother, Robert.

The eldest son, JOHN ERSKINE, 8th of Dun and Nathrow, m. 1588, Margaret Keith, dau. and co-heir of Robert, 1st Lord Altrie, and d.21 Oct. 1592, having by her (who m. 2ndly, 1593, Sir John Lindsay of Balinscho), had issue, with a dau., Margaret, a son,

JOHN ERSKINE, 9th of Dun, m. 1607, Magdalene, dau. of Sir James Hatyburton of Pitcur and d. 23 March, 1610, having by her (who m. 2ndly, John, 1st Earl of Northesk) had issue, an only dau.,

Margaret, m. 1622, William Durham of Grange, and had issue. He was s. by his first cousin

JOHN ERSKINE, 10th of Dun, who was poisoned by his uncle,, Robert Erskine, in conspiracy with his sisters, for which Robert and his two sisters, Isobel and Anne, were executed, and Helen banished. John d. a minor, 23 May, 1613, and was S. by his brother,

SIR ALEXANDER ERSKINE, 11th of Dun, Constable of Montrose and Sheriff Principal of co. Forfar, M.P. for co. Forfar, and a Privy Councillor, poisoned with his brother, but escaped the effects, and served heir to his cousin, 1621. He m. 1st, Margaret Lindisy, dau. of Alexander, 1st Lord Spynie, and by her (d. 1658) had with other issue.

1. John (Sir), bapt. 1 May, 1622; m. Agnes Lichtoun (who re-m before 1649, Thomas Allardyce, of Duninauld, Tutor of Allardyce), and d.v.p. 1655, leaving a dau., Margaret, m. 1662, Sir David Ogilvy of Inverquharity 2nd Bt., and had issue.

2. Alexander (Sir), knighted by King CHARLES I, 1641; d. 25 Dec. 1650.

3. David of Dun.

1. Marie, b. 1624; m. 1st, Allardice of Allardice, and had issue, John (Sir), bapt. 12 Dec. 1641; and 2ndly, Robert Dunhar of Burghie.

2. Margaret, m. 17 Nov. 1644, Sir John Carnegie, 1st of Boysack, 2nd son of John, 1st Earl of Northesk, and had issue.

Sir Alexander d. 1667, having m. a second time. This third son DAVID ERSKINE, 12th of Dun, M.P. for co. Forfar, served heir to his brother, Sir John, 1655, Lieut.-Col. in the Earl of Mar's Regt. 1689. Matriculated Arms 1673; m. 1666, Margaret, dau. of Sir James Lumsdain of Innergellie, and widow of Thomas Ramsay, eldest son of Sir Gilbert Ramsay of Banff, 1st Bt., and by her had issue,

1. John, Capt. The Royal Scots, bapt. 27 March, 1670; m. Anna (d. 1736), dau. and eventually heir of Hannay of Kingsmuir. He was on this account disinherited by his father. He fought and d. ar Blenheim.

2. James, Capt. The Royal Regt., served at Blenheim, M.P. for Brechin and Montrose, 1715, but was unseated on petition. He took part in the Rising of 1715, after which he fled abroad and is believed to have d. He was disinherited.

3. David.

4. Alexander, Merchant in Montrose, b. May, 1672; m. 20 Jan. 1708, Jean Turnbull, and had issue,

1. David, Major-Gen. in the Army, 1777, d. 1779.

2. Robert, d.unm.before 15 July, 1751.

3. Alexander, d.unm. before 15 July, 1751.

4. John, of Lima and Dun-Pen, Jamaica, b. 1728; m. 29 March, 1770, Elizabeth, dau. of James Irving, of Ironshore, Jamaica and d. 1786, having had issue,

1. John James, d.unm. 1792.

2. Alexander, of Balhall, Longhaven, Lima, &c., heir male of Dun, matriculated his arms and supporters 26 July, 1833, b. 1775. m. 1st, on 5 March, 1798, his cousin, Elizabeth Motte, dau. of Robert Jackson, and by her had issue,

1. Elizabeth Motto d. 1829.

2. Mary Anne co-heir of Balhall, m. Rev. Robert Ellis, Vicar of Birdsal, Yorks, and 3 April, 1883.

3. Euphelia Irving d. 1820.

4. Louisa Margaret d. 1821.

5. Julia d. 1821.

He m. 2ndly 26 April. 1810, Eliza Tharp, dau. of Joseph Brissest, of Hanover, Jamaica, and d. 17 Nov. 1855, having by her (d. 23 July 1870) had issue,

1. Alexander, 6th Dragoon Guards, d. unm. 10 June, 1846.

6. Elmina, of Balhall, m. 3 Aug. 1838, Rev. William James West, Rector of Delgany, co. Wicklow. He d. 22 Oct. 1859. She d. 30 Nov. 1886, leaving issue.

7. Georgiana, m. 12 Aug. 1841, William Truelock Bookey, of Derrybawn, co. Wicklow, d. 8 Feb.1908, leaving issue.

8. Josephine, m. 19 July, 1848, Rev. Brownlow Maitland, and d. 8 Dec. 1870, leaving issue.

9. Selina, m. 15 April, 1852, Capt. William Scott, 6th Dragoon Guards (d. 29 Oct. 1877), and d. 18 April, 1913, leaving issue.

10. Caroline, d. unm. 22 April, 1891.

11. Julia Amelia, m. 27 Feb. 1851, Samuel Uriah Barrett, and d. 17 March, 1891, leaving issue.

3. David, d. young 1797.

1. Elizabeth Motte, m. 1791, Alexander Mudie, M.D. and d. 1793.

1. Jean, d. unm.

2. Ann, d. unm.

3. Margaret, d. unm.

The third son, THE RIGHT HON. DAVID ERIKINE, 13th of Dun, styled LORD DUN, as a Lord of Session and Justiciary, 1710-53, b. 1670; educ. at the Universities of St. Andrew's and Paris; m. Magdalene, dau. of John Riddell of Haining, and d. 26 May, 1758, leaving (with a dau, Anne, who m. 1st, 6 Dec. 1730, James, Lord Ogilvie, who, but for his forfeiture in 1716, would have been Earl of Airlie. He d. 12 Jan. 1731. She m. 2ndly, Sir Alexander MacDonald of Sleat, 7th Bt., and d. 27 Nov. 1735) an only son,

JOHN ERSKINE, 14th of Dun, b. 1712; m. Margaret (d. 3 July, 1747), dau. of Sir John Inglis of Cramond, 2nd Bt., Postmaster-General for Scotland, by Anne Cockburn, dau. of Adam, Lord Ormistoun, Lord Justice Clerk (1705-1710), and d. 1787, leaving issue,

1. JOHN, his suecessor.

1. Anne, b. 17 March, 1742; m. 7 Dec. 1766, her cousin, John Wauchope, 6th of Edmonstone and had issue. 2. Magdalen, b. 11 March, 1742.

The only son, JOHN ERSKINE, 15th of Dun, b. 11 Dec. 1742; m. 2 Feb. 1770, Mary, dau. of William Baird of Newbyth, and d. 15 May, 1812, having had issue,

1. William John, Capt. Light Dragoons, bapt. 1 April, 1775; d. 24 May, 1798, in the Irish Rebellion at Kilcullen Bridge.

1. Alicia Erskine of Dun.

2. Margaret, S. her sister.

The elder sister, ALICIA ERSKINE, 16th of Dun, s. her father 1812, but d. unm. 1824, when she was s. by her sister.

MARGARET ERSKINE, 17th of Dun, m. 1 June, 1793, Archibald, 1st Marquess of Ailas (d. 8 Sept. 1846), leaving issue. he d. 5 Jan. 1848. Her second son,

THE HON. JOHN KENNEDY-ERSKINE, who matriculated Arms at the Lyon Office in 1828 and assumed the additional surname of ERSKINE on becoming heir of Dun from his aunt, b. 4 June, 1802; m. 5 Julv 1827, Lady Augusta Fitzclarence, and d. 6 March, 1831, having by her (who m. 2ndly, 24 Aug. 1836, Lord John Frederick Gordon-Halyburton, who d. 29 Sept. 1878,) and d. 8 Dec. 1865 had issue,


1. Wilhelmina, b. 1830; m. 17 April, 1855, 2nd Earl of Munster. He d. 30 April, 1901. She d. 9 Oct.1906, leaving issue.

2. Millicent Ann Mary, b. 1831; m. 17 April, 1855, James Hay Wemyss of Wemyss, who d. 29 March, 1864. She d. 11 Feb. 1895.

The only son, WILLIAM HENRY KENNEDY-ERSKINE, 18th of Dun, Capt. 17th Lancers, b. 1 July. 1818; m. 18 Nov. 1862, Catherine (d. 13 Feb. 1914), only surviving child of John Jones, of Henllys, co. Carmarthen, and d. 15 Sept 1870 leaving issue,


1. Violet Angusta Mary Frederica, author of The Lairds of Dun, b. 1 Sept. 1863; m. 27 Oct. 1894, Major Arthur Otway Jacob 20th Hussars and has issue.

2. Millicent Angusta Vivian, b. 12 Aug. 1867, and d. 2 Nov. 1883.

ARMS-1st and 4th, grand quarters quarterly: 1st and 4th, arg. a pale sa. 2nd and 3rd, gu., a sword in pale arg. pommel and hilt or, for Erskine of Dun; 2nd and 3rd grand quarters arg. a chev. gu. between three cross crosslets, fitchee, sa. all nithin the Royal double tressure flory, counterfiory, of the second for Kennedy. CREST-1st, a griffin's head erased gu. charged with a mullet erm. holing in the beak a sword bendwise point upwards ppr., for Erskine; 2nd, a dolphin naiant ppr., for Kennedy. SEAT-Dun House, Mtontrose, Angus.