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19 Dec 2022
updated 21 Dec 2022

And Sonia recalls another occasion that same year, for which Irene presented her with an avian creation christened Parakeet.

I'm greatly indebted to Mr Robert O'Byrne for finding an excerpt from the Irishman's Diary on p 6 of the Irish Times of 17 Jul 1958, in which the Diarist, aptly bylined Quidnunc, refers in some detail to a number of the other avian creations in that year's Autumn/Winter Collection – some of which are so unlikely that I feel he (Quidnunc) must have been over-amply refreshed in the Hospitality Tent – Chiff-Chaff, Puffin, Sandpiper, Seagull, Willie Wagtail, Old Crow, Tawny Owl, Magpie, Night Hawk and Vulture.