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The Glyn-Watkins Connection

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Like the sparrow fluttering through King Edwin's feasting hall, this was perhaps a very fleeting acquaintance, though I do well remember the name from the many times I spent staying with Grannie Waddell, and hearing it very well spoken of – perhaps its combination of Anglicanism and heavy engineering scored pretty heavily with the Waddell family ethos.

Perhaps there was also a strong Australian attachment, as both the Glyn-Watkins and the Findlays had been deeply involved in that great continent. But the primary contact with the Cheltenham Glyn-Watkins' was of course Aunt Val Gueritz.

I'm extremely grateful to William Gueritz for providing the all-important Wikipedia entry (see below), and press-cuttings,1,  2 that got this investigation airborne.

Please also note the following ancestry.co.uk sources without which this back-history would never have made sense


Daniel Glyn Watkins (16 November 1845 in Adstock – 29 June 1907 in Perth, Western Australia) was an Anglican priest, most notably Archdeacon of Perth, WA from 1889 until his death. There is a street named after him in Fremantle.



Watkins Street is named for Archdeacon Daniel Glyn Watkins (1845-1907) was the rector of St John's 1875-1905. He was Archdeacon of Perth 1889-1907. The street formed a portion of the Church Lands Estate.

St John's Church, Freemantle
#IndividualSpouse / PartnerFamily
‑3Rev Daniel Glyn Watkins
(16 Nov 1845 –
29 Jun 1907)

rector of St John's Fremantle 1875-1905

Archdeacon of Perth 1889-1907
Caroline Weight
(ca 1848 –
(m 11 or 21 Mar 1870, Southport)
Caroline Marion Glyn Watkins
(b 1871)

George Watkin Glyn Watkins
(b 1873)

Evangeline Mary Glyn Watkins
(b 1875)

Jessie Charlotte Glyn Watkins
(b 1877)
Sarah Bowles (née Habgood) Absolon
(1846 –
30 Jun 1922)
(m 1881)

previously married to John de Mansfield Absolon
(ca 1843 –
8 May 1879)
(m 28 Jun 1870)
Arthur Glyn Watkins
(18 Nov 1882, Fremantle WA –
2 Jun 1932, Cheltenham)

Grace Glyn Watkins
(b 1884)

Dorothy Glyn Watkins
(1884 –

Basil Theodore Glyn Watkins
(1889 –
‑2Arthur Glyn-Watkins1,  2
(18 Nov 1882, Fremantle WA –
2 Jun 1932, Cheltenham)

mgr of National Shell-Filling Factory, Quedgeley (WW1)

mgr, MD, Gloucester Railway Wagon & Carriage Co
Marion Eilen (Mimi) Hall
(b ca 1887, Essendon)
(m 22 Nov 1913, Paddington)
Joyce Glyn-Watkins

Sybil Glyn-Watkins
‑1Joyce Glyn-Watkins Geoffrey St Barbe Connor
(m 17 Apr 1937)

elder son of Mr & Mrs Connor of Chelsea
‑1Sybil (Bill) Glyn-Watkins Wing-Cdr James Heathcote Humphris
(Jul 1915 –
8 Jan 1945, Dunkirk)
(m 6 Jun 1940)

secret mission

son of Henry James Humphris and Irene Margaret Todd (née Heathcote) Humphris