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20 Jun 2020
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William (Willie) James Martin Henry Kaulback
(b 10 Jun 1940)

Willie, Aug 1943, Salisbury

Bill and Fenja, with Canni, Jalik and Willie. Probably about 1949/50.

At this time, between 1948 and 1950, he was being educated at the family's favourite prep school, St Ronan's1, 2.


Willie recently assembled an impressive account of his life so far, and may there be much more to come. He's evidently blessed with a photographic memory, but never burdens the reader with excessive detail. It's a spell-binding narrative, and encompasses a huge range of personal experience – a life always lived to the full, and recounted with due modesty as to his many achievements. He would undoubtedly be the last man left in the basket in a Balloon Game of post-apocalypse survival resourcefulness and capability.

1.0Early Years (1940-1949)
2.0Teenage Years (1950-1958)
3.0After School to University Graduation (1958-1963)
4.0Cambridge Archaeological Expedition to Afghanistan (Jun-Sep 1962)
4.5"The Fort of Nagarahara", Kayhan International, 18 Sep 1962, p10
5.0Working Life post-Cambridge (1963-1968)
6.0UDI - Unilateral Declaration of Independence (1965)
7.0Marriage (1968)
8.0War (1970-1979)
9.0Independence and a New Beginning (1980-2000)
10.0H & K Enterprises (1982-1990)
11.0Hunting & Safaris (1978-2000)
12.0Disaster (2000)
13.0Life in Harare (2000-2004)
14.0Departure (Jun 2004)
15.0A New Life (2004-2020)
 16.0And so on (2020)