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28 Jan 2022
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History of the Studebaker Corporation, Albert Russel Erskine, 1918

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  • The Studebaker History Corner, Jan Young, Lulu.com, 2009
    The Studebaker History Corner is a collection of anecdotes and short stories covering the entire span of Studebaker as history from 1852 through 1966. Including both the famous and the obscure, it provides perspective, adds detail to existing histories, and entertains with facts you haven't heard before, accompanied by authenticated and corrected versions of some of the stories you most likely have heard. For instance, the Studebaker History Corner includes an article on the Studebaker Electrics, setting them in the context of the rest of the electric auto industry. Studebaker, we learn, was an important manufacturer, but neither the largest nor the longest-lived. The book also includes the story of the Selden patent and Studebaker's place in it, the fascinating story of a theft from the Studebaker administration building, the history of Studebaker's unionization, an account of the relationship between Studebaker and Trans International Airlines and much more.
  • Tales of Studebaker: The Early Years, Jan Young, Lulu.com
    Studebaker was in the vehicle business for 114 years and has a fascinating history that has been told numerous times by a variety of authors. This book does not retell the grand sweep of the company's history, but instead it fills in the corners, illuminating Studebaker's history with anecdotes, stories and interesting details that other authors either missed or omitted. For instance, it includes biographies of twenty-seven other companies that Studebaker and the Studebaker family were involved in. It extensively traces the growth and development of Studebaker in New York City, probably the company's most important market. It tells the story of a dog fancier. It covers more than fifteen stories of crimes committed with or involving Studebaker cars. And it includes much more, all related to the years between 1852 and 1930, the company's early years.
  • Cannon, William A., and Fred K. Fox. Studebaker, the Complete Story. Tab Books, Inc. Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania. Chapter 14.