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23 Jan 2024
updated 23 Jan 2024

I'm very grateful to William Gueritz for the following images.

Daniel Smith Findlay (11 May 1858 – 5 Jul 1923), Jessie Ann Black (m 1882),
possibly on the occasion of John Elton Fortescue Gueritz's christening.

On (our) LHS are Edwyn Alfred Findlay (27 Mar 1882 – 1972) and 'Dannie', whose identity is an enduring mystery.

And here is John the previous year, also dressed baptismally as if destined for a splash from the font, in the care of 'Auntie Grannie' – most probably Jessie Smith Findlay, his great-aunt who had been guardian and foster-mother to his mother Val and aunt Hannah.

Perhaps Dannie and Auntie Grannie were one and the same person...