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23 Jan 2024
updated 23 Jan 2024

The Findlay Memorial

I'm extremely grateful to Jen (Findlay) Guerin for these iconic photographs – a genealogical bonaza.


The Findlay memorial in Arbroath Abbey churchyard.

Top Centre: Peter Findlay (1777 – 1855) & his wife Hannah Dalgety (1777 – 1852).

Bottom LHS: their offspring Peter, Joseph, Charles, Benjamin, Hannah, William, Edward, Elizabeth & George,

plus Robert, Margaret and David who died in childhood,
plus another Margaret who died in infancy.

Bottom RHS: daughter-in-law Elizabeth (Scott) Findlay and her offspring,
plus daughter-in-law Elizabeth (Laird) Findlay,
plus another mention of (both Elizabeths' husband) Charles,
plus grandchildren Peter and Sarah,
plus parents Robert Findlay (1742 – 1802) & Margaret Ritchie (1736 – 1819).