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28 Jan 2022
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These pages may be highly condensed, but provide very useful biographical insights into the Greaves family of the early nineteenth century (see below).

Excepting students of theology, particularly those intending to take Holy Orders in the Church of England, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge seem to have functioned in that era as what the Amish call Rumspringa, that is, a transitional period during which the rising generation could let off steam, get disgustingly drunk and experiment with the opposite sex. Which is precisely what I did in my first and only year at the University of Nottingham in the early 1960's, so I'm not casting any stones. It's an excellent idea in many ways, but these days there are drawbacks academically.

However, that's an aside, and as regards the male progeny of George Bustard Greaves of Elmsall, the headcount as per these pages is as follows:

  • George Greaves (eldest son; #5, RH col, p123)
  • Joseph Edward Greaves-Elmsall (second son; #8, LH col, p124)
  • Henry Marwood Greaves (third son, #1, LH col, p124)
  • Mansfeldt de Cardonnel Elmsall (grandson, #1, RH col, p124)
  • William Henry Greaves-Bagshawe (grandson, #9, RH col, p124)
  • William Murray Caldwell Greaves-Bagshawe (great-grandson, #10, RH col, p124)

(Remember that the effect of higher education for women was in those days predicted by medical experts to cause brain-fever, hysteria, unattractiveness and sterility. Who am I to cast doubt on these reasoned opinions?)