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20 Jun 2020
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Susan Georgina Kaulback
(b 9 Aug 1942)


Brought up at Ardnagashel House.

Educated by governess (Kay McGowan) and then at The French School, Bray (The French School Bray Remembered: A History of the French School, Bray 1864-1966, Jennifer Flegg, 1998)



Susie during schooldays

Stopping the traffic

And on becoming engaged

Between whiles, Susie had graduated from the Miss Catherine Judson Secretarial College in South Kensington, which she had attended with her sister Sonia, and had worked for several years with specialist publishers Hugh Evelyn in Fitzrovia. She had thereafter travelled (alone) overland via India to Hong Kong – then still British – where she lived and worked for close on two years.

And it was there that her future husband had arrived to propose to her – incurring, of course, the traditional local bride-price of seven water-buffalo that her father Ron had imposed!