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The Kaulback Connection

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As per the genealogical tree depicted on pp 48-49 of

The Kaulbacks, Lt Col R J A (Bill) Kaulback DSO MA FRGS,
published privately, 1979

with appropriate amendments and extensions. Please note that familiar names are used rather than given names, where appropriate. Minors are not identified.

#IndividualSpouse / PartnerFamily
‑2Lt Col Henry Albert (Harry) Kaulback 1
(16 Feb 1878 –
14 Nov 1929)


Alice Mary (Arla) Townend
(18 Dec 1883 –
12 Mar 1982)
(m 3 Apr 1907)
Ronald (Ron) John Henry Kaulback
(23 Jul 1909 –
2 Oct 1995)

Roy (Bill) James Alfred Kaulback
(11 May 1911 –
27 Jun 1996)

‑1Lt Col Ronald Kaulback Audrey Elizabeth Howard
(25 Jan 1916 –
14 Aug 1994)
(m 18 Mar 1940)
Sonia Elizabeth Kaulback
(b 19 Mar 1941)

Susan (Susie) Georgina Kaulback
(b 9 Aug 1942)

Bryan Henry Kaulback
(b 19 Jul 1948)

Peter John Kaulback
(19 Jul 1948 twin –
2 Jan 2004)
Joyce Nora Woolley
(24 May 1913 –
13 Apr 2005)
(m 23 Aug 1984)
Shared Portrait
‑1Lt Col Bill Kaulback Violet Mary Pears
(17 Aug 1909 –
31 Jul 1972)
(m 8 Sep 1936)

Portrait 1930

Carolyn (Canni) Rose Kaulback
(24 Nov 1938 –
19 Jul 2001)

William (Willie) James Martin Henry Kaulback
(b 10 Jun 1940)
Fenja Katherina Beltchikova
(24 Dec 1912 –
11 Apr 2013)
(m 23 Feb 1949)

previously married (1938, Arbit)
Jalik Arbit Kaulback
(b 25 May 1939)


Roy Henry Ivan Sean Fergus Kaulback
(5 Aug 1952 –
17 Jun 2013)
0Sonia Kaulback

Robert (Robin) Erskine Waddell
(b 11 Feb 1945)
(m 16 Dec 1967)
Nicholas (Nick) Henry Waddell
(b 4 Oct 1975)

Andrea Joanna Waddell
(18 Jun 1980 –
15 Oct 2009)
0Susie Kaulback

Col Mark Edward Hatt-Cook
(b 18 Dec 1943)
(m 18 Oct 1969)
Catherine Emma Hatt-Cook
(b 13 Aug 1974)

Georgina Alice Hatt-Cook
(b 13 Jun 1977)
Shared Portrait
0Bryan Kaulback Maruxa (Maria) Lopez Pereiro
(21 Jul 1944 –
16 Jun 2012)
(m 13 Oct 1969)
Bryan (Bry) Juan Kaulback
(b 6 Sep 1971)

Yago Henry Kaulback
(b 30 Jan 1980)

Shared Portrait
0Peter Kaulback Elizabeth (Liz) Jane Scopes
(m 22 Jul 1973)
Caroline Victoria Margaret Kaulback
(b 15 Jun 1978)

Simon Peter Howard Kaulback
(b 7 Jan 1980)

Marcus Ronald Oliver Kaulback
(b 25 Mar 1983)
Shared Portrait
0Cannie Kaulback David Nelson
(m 4 Jul 1959)
Andrew Nelson

James Nelson
0Willie Kaulback Barbara (née Robertson) Gilby
(m 14 Sep 1968)
Peter Gordon (né Gilby) Kaulback
(b 26 Aug 1963)

Michelle Dinah Kaulback
(b 12 Feb 1971)

Martin Jason Kaulback
(b 1973)
0Jalik Kaulback

Dorna Farzad
(m 31 Oct 1962)
(2m 2 Aug 1968)
Lucy Katherine Kaulback
(b 9 Jun 1968)

Victoria Jane Kaulback
(b 7 Feb 1970)
Sarah Jane Gill
(ca 1948 –
7 Dec 2013)
(m 11 Nov 1978)
Shared Portrait
+1Nick Waddell Philip (Phil) Scott Johnstone
(cs 11 Feb 2012)
+1Catherine Hatt-Cook Off-line Off-line
+1Georgina Hatt-Cook Warren (Waz) Pearce Off-line
+1Bry Kaulback

Susana Amoede Giménez
(m 16 Aug 1997)

Claudia Kaulback
(b 28 Jan 2001)

+1Caroline Kaulback

Shane Hamilton Off-line
+1Simon Kaulback Merike Cave
+1Marcus Kaulback Lauren Elliott Off-line
+1Andrew Nelson Suzanne Robertson Thomas

+1Michelle Kaulback Paul Fuller 3 sons
Chris Francoeur

chemical engineer,
2 sons
+1Martin Kaulback Mark Newdick Florence
1: In the London Gazette of 7 Feb 1922, Henry Kaulbach, as he then was, officially changed the family name to Kaulback, as it remains to this day. Perhaps the family had already anglicised the pronunciation and he was now simply harmonising the spelling.

It might all now look a bit late in the day anyway, and would have seemed more of a priority back in the dark days of the Great War when public Germanophobia was at its height, but it will have to remain a minor mystery!

The Rude Forefathers (Part 1)

For an overview from Uncle Bill of these colourful characters, please click here.

In the Generation Table displayed below, I'm deeply indebted to the link

  1. in that it supports the idea that Christian and Philipp von Kaulbach were brothers (though leaves unspecified the names and details of their parentage)
  2. and for many of the details of the von Kaulbachs' wives and families
  3. and please note that it relocates 'Theodor' as the final forename of Christian's son.

Note also the honorific prefix of "von". As with the Anglo-Scottish equivalent "of", or the French genitive "de", I'm unsure in general as to whether it's official or self-bestowed, and indeed whether it simply reflects where the bearer happened to live or to have arrived from. But as Uncle Bill points out, the von Kaulbachs were indeed pretty big cheeses in popular and official esteem, and the family name was everywhere to be seen in and on public places and buildings.

As the places of births and deaths are key to the movements of the family members across a timespan of well over a century, I'm including them with the dates wherever possible.

Hannover, or Hanover in English, has a deep and permanent place in my heart – when recovering from scarlet fever in 1952 (it took 6 weeks, and I was afflicted by terrible hallucinations) I was given a wonderful illustrated copy of Browning's The Pied Piper of Hamelin, which began

Hamelin Town's in Brunswick,
By famous Hanover city;
The river Weser, deep and wide,
Washes its wall on the southern side;
A pleasanter spot you never spied;
But, when begins my ditty,
Almost five hundred years ago,
To see the townsfolk suffer so
From vermin, was a pity.

It depicted mediaeval Germany as vividly colourful and dramatic, the way I felt life ought to be today too, wherever we live.

#IndividualSpouse / PartnerFamily
 (see Part 3)   Christian von Kaulbach
(30 Aug 1777, Arolsen –

Philipp Karl Friedrich von Kaulbach
(25 Nov 1775, Arolsen –
10 Dec 1846, Mühlheim adR)
 Christian von Kaulbach
(30 Aug 1777, Arolsen –

cabinet maker
Wilhelmine Welle Theodor Friedrich Wilhelm Christian von Kaulbach
(8 Jul 1822, Arolsen –
17 Sep 1903, Hannover)
 Philipp Karl Friedrich von Kaulbach
(25 Nov 1775, Arolsen –
10 Dec 1846, Mühlheim adR)

amateur artist
  Bernhard Wilhelm Eliodurus von Kaulbach
(15 Oct 1804/5, Arolsen –
7 Apr 1874, Munich)

Karl von Kaulbach
(b 5 Mar 1808)
 Theodor Friedrich Wilhelm Christian von Kaulbach
(8 Jul 1822, Arolsen –
6 or 17 Sep 1903, Hannover)
Sophie Mathilde Knops
(1818 –
Friedrich August von Kaulbach
(2 Jun 1850, Munich) –
26 Jul 1920, Ohlstadt))
 Bernhard Wilhelm Eliodurus von Kaulbach
(15 Oct 1804/5, Arolsen –
7 Apr 1874, Munich)

died in cholera epidemic
Josefine Sutner
(1809 –
3 Apr 1896)
Hermann von Kaulbach
(26 Jul 1846, Munich –
9 Dec 1909, Munich)

Josepha von Kaulbach
(1851 –
=Karl Dürck (1846-1916)

Johanna von Kaulbach
=August von Kreling (1819-1876)
 Friedrich August von Kaulbach
(2 Jun 1850, Munich –
26 Jul 1920, Ohlstadt)

Tsar Nicolas II
Frida Schytte
aka Scotta
(31 Mar 1871 –
29 Apr 1948)
(m 1897)

Doris von Kaulbach
(1898 –

Hedda von Kaulbach
(1900 –
=Toni Stadler

Matilde von Kaulbach
(1904 –
30 Mar 1986)
=Max Beckmann
 Hermann von Kaulbach
(26 Jul 1846, Munich –
9 Dec 1909, Munich)

'Mad' King Ludwig II
Sophie Schroll 3 children

Please note that, generation by generation,

  • Philipp and Christian were brothers
  • (Theodore) Friedrich and Wilhelm were first cousins
  • Friedrich and Hermann were second cousins

Obviously there is a limit to how far backwards or sideways one can extend a family tree, and the zone of our personal interest is anyway probably demarcated by great grandparents and second cousins – sometimes rather less!

Wilhelm von Kaulbach

But even at greater removes there can be isolated individuals who command our interest and/or admiration. One such ancestor was Wilhelm von Kaulbach (aka Bernhard Wilhelm Eliodrus Kaulbach), described briefly on pp 4-5 of The Kaulbacks as follows:

Nothing is known of the von Kaulbachs of München [between 1730 and the 1800's] until Wilhelm von Kaulbach (15 Oct 1805 – 7 Apr 1874) became the protégé and court painter of Ludwig I of Bavaria, one of the "Mad Ludwigs" who were such colourful figures of that period.

That the family must have passed through hard times following the wars of the 17th century can be deduced from the fact that Wilhelm's father Philipp Karl Friedrich von Kaulbach (1775-1846) was having to earn his living as a goldsmith, a near social impossibility for a titled family in the Germany of those days. But however that may be, from the time of Wilhelm's recognition as a painter of great merit by the Bavarian Royal House, their fortunes changed, prosperity returned and at least four members of the family became internationally known.

Wilhelm received many honours and distinctions during his life apart from those conferred on him by his patron the King of Bavaria. He was granted the Legion d'Honneur by the French and created a Grand Commander of the Order of Franz Joseph by the Austrian Emperor. Finally, after his death, the street in München on which the von Kaulbach [mansion] stood was named von Kaulbach Strasse, a name which it still bears.

The following images are reproduced from Erinnerungen an Wilhelm von Kaulbach und sein Haus, mit Briefen und hundertsechzig Abbildungen gesammelt von Josefa Durck-Kaulbach, Delphin Verlag München, 1921.

Wilhelm von Kaulbach

All this sounds very meritorious, but barely scratches the surface of the artist himself. To get his true measure we must turn first to Wikipedia and then to some representative examples culled from the internet. All right, he wasn't an A star, but was certainly a highly accomplished B plus for his huge allegorical canvases. And the photographic portraits clearly reveal his very idiosyncratic taste in body-warmers.

Despite his fervent Protestantism, he seems to have been on friendly terms with Liszt, as witness the rather idealised engraving and soulful portrait we saw in the previous link.

Liszt returned these favours by composing a stirring symphonic poem Die Hunnenschlact (Battle of The Huns) inspired by von Kaulbach's epic picture of that name (and which I found unexpectedly enjoyable when broadcast on Classic FM in early 2012). Rather apposite to our own era, which likewise finds our Western civilisation under assault.

As implied by the extract above from The Kaulbacks, Wilhelm von Kaulbach was by no means the only artistic member of the family. His son Hermann von Kaulbach (26 Jul 1846 – 9 Dec 1909) studied medicine to start with, but switched to painting, initially of historical themes, though was ultimately best known for his portraits of children.

Wilhelm's cousin (though Wikipedia is rather wobbly on the exact degree of cousinhood) Theodor Friedrich Wilhelm Christian von Kaulbach (8 Jul 1822 – 17 Sep 1903), known as Friedrich, was a highly successful court painter to King George V of Hanover. He also painted the portrait of Wilhelm shown above.

Friedrich's son Friedrich August von Kaulbach (2 Jun 1850 – 26 Jul 1920) was a portraitist1,  2 and historical painter, and is described by Wikipedia as the great-nephew of Wilhelm. He painted, for example, the rather sumptuous portrait of Hanna Ralph, shown below purely on the basis of its artistic merit, and the tragic figure of the last Tsarina of Russia (although some claim this was actually her elder sister Elisabeth – indeed, they were both brutally murdered by the Bolsheviks after the revolution).

Portrait of the actress Hanna Ralph (1885-1978)
by Friedrich August von Kaulbach (1850-1920)

Portrait of Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova (1872-1918)
by Friedrich August von Kaulbach (1850-1920)

The Rude Forefathers (Part 2)

Nova Scotia (showing location of town of Lunenburg)

Counties of Nova Scotia, highlighting Lunenburg County

Lunenburg town

The hyperlinked profiles in the Generation Table are of course taken from Bill Kaulback's admirable The Kaulbacks (1979). In the very first of these, for John Martin von Kaulbach, he discusses the motivations and experiences of those trail-blazing German pioneers in the mid-eighteenth century, though I can't quite reconcile the dates he gives for the voyage of the good ship Ann with those tabulated in the Wikipedia article – perhaps the sturdy Ann made more than one such voyage.

Two other websites are also well worth a look

and there's also a frequently-referenced academic treatise that I've made absolutely no attempt to track down, life's just too short.

  • Winthrop Pickard Bell, The "Foreign Protestants" and the Settlement of Nova Scotia:The History of a piece of arrested British Colonial Policy in the Eighteenth Century. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1961

See also

#IndividualSpouse / PartnerFamily
‑6John Martin von Kaulbach
(1720? –

(Please see Part 3)
Anna Magdalena (surname unknown)

(Please see Part 3)
Henry Kaulbach
(19 Dec 1758 –
16 Jun 1833)

High Sheriff of Lunenburg
‑5Henry Kaulbach
(19 Dec 1758 –
16 Jun 1833)

High Sheriff of Lunenburg County
Johanna Barbara Zwicker
(11 Feb 1769 –
21 Apr 1871, aged 102)
Lt Col John Henry Kaulbach
(10 Apr 1797 –
25 Feb 1879)

High Sheriff of Lunenburg County 1828-1879

13 other siblings
‑4Lt Col John Henry Kaulbach
(10 Apr 1797 –
25 Feb 1879)

High Sheriff of Lunenburg
Sophia Frederica Newman
(9 Feb 1802 –
14 Aug 1889)
(m 22 April 1826)
Sophia Barbara Kaulbach
(b 26 Mar 1827)

Eliza Ann Kaulbach
(18 May 1828 –
13 Dec 1828)

Col Henry Adolphus Newman Kaulbach LL B, QC, MP
(28 Dec 1830 –
8 Jan 1896)

Lt Col Charles Edwin Kaulbach MP
(13 Jul 1834 –
25 May 1907)

Archdeacon James Albert Kaulbach DD, MA

(30 Aug 1839 –
25 Feb 1905)
‑3Col Henry Adolphus Newman Kaulbach LL B, QC, MP
(28 Dec 1830 –
8 Jan 1896)
Eunice Sophia Harris
(5 Jul 1838 –
2 Oct 1879)
Charles William Henry Kaulbach
(b 29 Aug 1859)

Edna Havelock Kaulbach
(b 1 Mar 1861)

Mary Louisa Kaulbach
(b 27 Aug 1865)

Rupert John Creighton Kaulbach LLB, QC
(b 7 Jul 1868)

Moyle Hamilton Hodgson Kaulbach
(19 May 1870 –
24 Aug 1870)

William Edwin Kaulbach
(18 Apr 1872 –
3 Feb 1874)
Sophia Ann Ryland
(m Sep 1880)
‑3Lt Col Charles Edwin Kaulbach MP
(13 Jul 1834 –
25 May 1907)
Ada Hunt  
‑3Archdeacon James Albert Kaulbach1  2 DD, MA
(30 Aug 1839 –
25 Feb 1913)

Maria Sophia Bradshaw
(20 Apr 1856 –
5 May 1912)
(m 26 Apr 1876)
Col Henry Albert Kaulbach OBE
(16 Feb 1878 –
14 Nov 1929)

James Foster Bradshaw Kaulbach
(4 Feb 1880 –
11 Aug 1880)

The History of the County of Lunenberg

The rapid and successful progress of the Kaulbach family mirrored that of the Lunenberg settlement itself. Indeed, as we have seen from their profile links above, they played a full and active part in the local community, and were in the forefront of public life in the whole of Nova Scotia, as instanced by their unbroken tenure as Lunenberg County Sheriffs for over eighty years, their prominence in the Nova Scotia Militia, and their public offices in the Nova Scotia Assembly.

So it is no surprise that they gained frequent references in the historical annals of Lunenburg:

Book cover

(Click here for facsimile page-turning version)

As always with such online facsimile versions, the maximal screen display can be achieved by using a judicious combination of the options Fullscreen / F11 / Hide Nav Bar / Zoom custom ...%

This edition is also available as a hard-copy facsimile reprint:

Mather Byles DesBrisay, History of the County of Lunenberg, Mika Publishing Company, Belleville, Ontario, 1980 (ISBN 0-919302-46-7)

Specific references to the (von) Kaulbach family
in History of the County of Lunenburg

Bill Kaulback compiled this list quite possibly for his own reference when writing The Kaulbacks, but it might also be helpful for a wider audience.

page 1

page 2

page 3

Letter from Peter Kaulback
to his father Ron about the
Lunenberg County History

This is of course a personal letter that (most fortunately) has survived. It accompanied a copy of the Mika edition that Peter sent his father for Christmas in 1982. Nothing in it is confidential – indeed it's all about the family involvement in Lunenburg. So I have no hesitation in reproducing it here, and it is a happy reminder of Peter's characteristic enthusiasm, generosity and devotion to family.

page 1

page 2

Bricks and Mortar

Lunenburg Academy, 97 Kaulbach Street, where John Henry Kaulbach's three sons (Henry Adolphus, Charles Edwin and James Albert) were educated (though it must be admitted that perhaps it was rebuilt back in the 1890's).

Sadly, I can't find any validated image of Medway Hall, the ancestral home of the Lunenburg Kaulbachs, on the internet – though I did just miss an eBay opportunity earlier this year when an elderly photograph of it went for a measly $20 before I'd noticed.

But as consolation prize, here is the handsome façade of Kaulbach House at 75 Pelham Street, Old Town, Lunenburg.

Plus the retrospective.

However, perhaps this slipped through the net;
I'm virtually certain that it's a miniature of the item in question:

And that this next picture is of the very same building in a somewhat later context, and subsequent to some additional ramifications:

In horse-breeding jargon, this is out of Mad King Ludwig II by Walt Disney. DG.

Kaulbach Island

I don't know whether Kaulbach Island ever belonged to the Lunenburg Kaulbach family, and strongly suspect that they played no part in building the house (they would have added extra turrets, gables and crenellations) – but I just love the combination of the name, the location, and the quietly understated millionnaire's mansion.


Kaulbach Island, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia
57 acres of grounds. 11,040 ft2 of floor-space in house

CAD $9,500,000 (including all window coverings, furnishings, appliances, equipment, motorboat and sailing boat).

Estate Agent's sales pitch

A picturesque private island located close to Chester, Nova Scotia's famous seaside town. Kaulbach Island lies perfectly positioned in the heart of Mahone Bay, protected from the elements by an array of tiny islets, surrounded by crystal clear water and close by to both a sailing club and a golf range.

Kaulbach Island is just a short boat ride from the mainland, on Nova Scotia's Bluenose Coast. Home to world-class sailing conditions, and close to a hub of activity, within a matter of minutes, you could enjoy the scenic seascapes of Chester or the quaint atmosphere of Mahone Bay, taking in creative festivals, artisans and boutiques along the way. Furthermore, the island is only 90 minutes away from Halifax International Airport, allowing for easy access.

The island is more than just a great location however. Osprey Nest, the exceptionally developed 11,040 sq. ft. main house, has a commanding presence overlooking the ocean and the groomed lawns. Framed by colourful gardens and stonewalls, this wonderful home (11 bedrooms, 7 full, 2 half baths) has been thoughtfully designed for gracious family living. Meticulously constructed and maintained, the home warmly welcomes guests for entertaining. Modern and environmentally-friendly, the technology in place at this imposing villa includes effluent disposal and aqua-thermal heat production.

With 57 acres of woods, meadows, an 11,040 sq. ft. home, double garage with guest quarters, beach cottage, farmhouse, a few outbuildings and a wharf with deep anchorage, Kaulbach Island is home to everything you could possibly need, including a motorboat and a sailboat.

Approx 50% of the area of the island has been newly planted with deciduous trees, a small sandy beach can be found on the south side and spectacular views of the maritime environment can be enjoyed from the island's approx. 35 metre high elevation – there aren't many views that can rival this!

Kaulbach Island

Kaulbach Island

The House

The House

The Cottage

Drawing Room

Music Room




View from Terrace


The Rude Forefathers (Part 3)

This section will hopefully provide a context, or infrastructure, for Parts (1) and (2), and wishfully even help suggest an identity for the most recent common ancestor of the German and Canadian branches of the family. I'm tempted to think of him as akin to Uncle Uggug, immortalised in one of Ron Kaulback's favourite extempore odes:

Here's to Uncle Uggug,
That heroic early human,
The first to eat an oyster,
The first to marry a woman.
But shame on those who mutter
As the party waxes moister,
"Had he only eaten the woman,
Had he only married the oyster".

(There are several variants!)

Bill Kaulback inscribed the flyleaf of a copy of The Kaulbacks, "To my very dear Sister-in-Law Audrey, 29 Mar 1979", (his Foreword is dated Jun 1976), and almost exactly a decade later, on 11 Mar 1989, Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the World Wide Web (now virtually synonymous with the internet). And the Google search engine first saw the light of day a decade later still.

In other words, Bill's research and drafting of his family-historical masterpiece had antedated by rather more than 20 years, almost 30 years indeed, the convenience of sitting on ones bum and googling for all the information one requires (which is what I do). And all the oral information he had obtained from family members, and documents from religious or civic or academic sources, in Britain, Canada or Germany, he had to laboriously transcribe into text on some primitive secretarial machine, or maybe into his own meticulous handwriting.

But it's questionable to push the record even further back than he felt able to, as The Kaulbacks does strongly suggest that he had personal access to material of even earlier date than I do, for all my technology. Unfortunately there was much that was wantonly destroyed in a vast bonfire following the death of his younger son.

Bill's own best guess was that John Martin (or Michael) von Kaulbach, who led the family migration to the New World in 1750, was quite possibly the brother of Philipp Karl Friedrich's von Kaulbach's grandfather Moritz Christian Kaulbach (b 9 Mar 1697, see table below).

R J A Kaulback, The Kaulbacks, privately published, late 1970's, p4

If John Martin [von Kaulbach] – whose dates we unfortunately do not have – was 30 when he sailed from Rotterdam in 1752, then Philipp Karl Friedrich [von Kaulbach]'s grandfather might well have been his brother.

Well, we do now have a considerably better idea of the dates involved, so let's see how the likelihood progresses. It would be nice to find a tie-in.


[This is a slightly reformatted and anglicised version of the original, which latter was itself a dyschronological oyster from which I've endeavoured to extract a factual pearl, with not entire success.]

Johannes Caulbach (Kaulbach) der Alte was born ca 1663 in Dierdorf, Westerwald, Germany, married Anna Margaretha on 5 May 1688 in Dierdorf and died 18 Mar 1715/16 in Dierdorf.

Notes for Johannes Caulbach (Kaulbach) der Alte
and Kaulbach Family of Dierdorf, Germany

Submitted by Stan Card:

This is my translation of some info I received from the Lutheran Archives in Boppard, Germany. It is not an official translation. It was worked up by me and my wife and another German lady, but none of us understand each and every word, so we read and re-read each sentence and came up with the following translation of this document, written by Wilfried Göbler.

It's been known that the Kaulbach ancestors in Arolsen, Munich and Hanover were well-known artists and came from Dierdorf, Westerwald, Germany. In researching the name Kaulbach we found this to be true. I was interested in the famous artist Wilhelm Kaulbach and his work and where he came from. The Kaulbach family was known world-wide for their artistic work in past centuries. Wilhelm von Kaulbach and his nephew Friedrich August von Kaulbach were well known artists and earned the artistic title Director of Academic Professors at the Office of Artists and Professors and worked in Munich and Hanover as artists and painters.

In the 17th century, the Kaulbach name [had become] unknown in Dierdorf and with a gap in the records many myths were passed on as fact. Many believed the family hadn't existed as nothing was found in records, but Dr. Helmut Gensicke believed without a doubt that the Kaulbachs were an old established family in the Westerwald.

He is sure that the Dierdorfer Kaulbachs came from an area near the Schönerlen Estate, which is no longer in existence. About 1300 the area was called Culebach and from 1575 Kaulbach. The little village later became part of Zürbach and Steinen. Families living in small groups in the area grouped together and became part of Dierdorf. In 1204 the village was written as Dyrdorph, then became Dierdorf later.

The Kaulbachs weren't listed in 1582 and 1615 records. In 1630 Lorentz and Peter Kaulbach were first mentioned. Later Johann Peter Kaulbach is referenced in church books from Dierdorf when his son Johann Heinrich Kaulbach became godfather to Johann Peter Kaulbach on 15 Jun 1688.

In 1677, in Dierdorf, Johann Wilhelm and Anna Elizabeth Kaulbach had a son Johannes Balthasar. The name came from the mother's side. Johann Wilhelm was married three times – in 1675 with the daughter of Wilhelm von Hoff – after that Anna Elizabeth – and on 9 May 1684 with Ursula (surname not known). In 1694 Johann Christian and Julianna Catharina Kaulbach died. They had a daughter baptised Anna Catharina. These names are the ancestors of the Kaulbach artists in Arolsen, Munich, and Hannover.

Johann Christian Kaulbach had a son Moritz Christian (b 9 Mar 1697) in Dierdorf. Johann Christian Kaulbach was the city Mayor. Around 1700 in Dierdorf, Johannes Kaulbach Sr., was court recorder , he and his wife Maria Gertrauda had a daughter Anna Gertrauda on 6 Feb 1679. Dr. Johannes and Anna Margaretha Kaulbach Jr had a daughter, 22 Dec 1688, Anna Elisabetha. Dietrich and Anna Catharina Kaulbach had a daughter 28 Jan 1690 Christina Elisabeth. Kraft Kaulbach died in Dierdorf 12 Oct 1692 where he was buried. This is only to show that the Kaulbachs played a role in the village of Dierdorf.

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to find more on the ancestry of the Kaulbachs, but I'm sure all Kaulbachs go back to this family. They came to Dierdorf between 1615–1630.

Back to the artist Kaulbachs. It's not known why they left the Westerwald. Two sons of Moritz Christian and Catharina Elisabeth (Ehrenstein) Kaulbach, Johann Wilhelm (b 4 Jun 1749) and older brother Johann Peter (b 19 Feb 1647), both born in Dierdorf, left between 1768 and 1771 and went to Arolsen to find a new home.

Johann Wilhelm stayed in Arolsen and Johann Peter went to Holland.

Johann Wilhelm brought his brother Moritz (b 27 Jul 1740) to Arolsen in 1772 where he was organist and teacher in the reformed village Arolsen. Johann Wilhelm Kaulbach was a master cabinet and furniture maker. He learned his trade from Abraham Roentgen in Neuwied.

He married Johanna Elisabeth Friederike Klein in 1770 in Arolsen and after she died in 1783, he married Friederike Susanna Rickelt. From both marriages he had 9 sons and 4 daughters. Two of his sons, Philip Carl, born Arolsen 25 Nov 1775 and Christian born Arolsen 30 Aug 1777 are the ancestors of the branch of the artist/painter Kaulbachs in Munich and Hanover.

There is a Kaulbach Museum in Arolsen and in many towns in Germany there are Kaulbach streets and Kaulbach places and squares. In Dierdorf there are many memories of the family. After the sons left they became famous for their artistic abilities. In Arolsen they made imperial furniture for castles and palaces as well as altars, pulpits, and chairs. Also for the people in Arolsen, they made doors for their houses.


  • Evelyn Lehmann and Elke Riemer, "The Kaulbachs",
  • Klaus Zimmermann, "Friedrich August von Kaulbach, Monographie und Werkverzeichnis", Church Book, Dierdorf,
  • Dr Helmut Gensicke "The Artist Family Kaulbach from Dierdorf, A Westwalder Story", Allg. Deutsche Biographie and Neu Deutsche Biographie.
  • W. Gross, "Dierdorf and the Artist Family Kaulbach".

(These are all German references listed in the pages I translated the info from. All the above info is what was written by Wilfried Göbler. Hope this helps someone out there – Stan Card)


More about Johannes Caulbach (Kaulbach) der Alte and Anna Margaretha:

Marriage: 5 May 1688, Dierdorf


Anna Catharina Coolbaugh,
b. 9 Oct 1691, d. date unknown.

Johannes Wilhelmus Coolbaugh/Koelback,
b. 14 Jan 1694/95, Dierdorf, d. date unknown.

Johannes Petrus Coolbaugh,
b. 26 Dec 1697, d. 31 Aug 1698

Margaretha Louisa Catharina Coolbaugh,
b. Dierdorf, d. date unknown.

This is tabulated below for greater clarity, and as locations of birth, marriage and death are essential to an understanding of what was going on, I've recorded those too, wherever possible.

Time's arrow saltates uncertainly down the table, attempting to place individuals in roughly the right timezone appropriate to maybe just a single biodate (DoB, DoM or DoD) that has been assigned to them, or maybe the DoB attached to one of their offspring.

Some of the individuals may well be interrelated, but it's impossible to tell.

#IndividualSpouse / PartnerFamily
In 1630 Lorentz and Peter Kaulbach were first mentioned.    
Johann Peter Kaulbach
(b 19 Feb 1647, Dierdorf)
(fl Arolsen, then Holland)
  Johann Heinrich Kaulbach

godfather to Johann Peter Kaulbach on 15 Jun 1688
Johann Wilhelm Kaulbach daughter of Wilhelm von Hoff
(m 1675)
Anna Elizabeth
(m 1677)
Johannes Balthasar Kaulbach
(m 9 May 1684)
Johannes Caulbach (Kaulbach) der Alte
(b ca 1663, Dierdorf,
d 18 Mar 1715/16, Dierdorf)
Anna Margaretha (maiden surname unknown)
(m 5 May 1688, Dierdorf)
Anna Catharina Coolbaugh,
(b 9 Oct 1691)

Johannes Wilhelmus Coolbaugh/Koelback,
(b 14 Jan 1694/95, Dierdorf)

Johannes Petrus Coolbaugh,
(26 Dec 1697 –
31 Aug 1698)

Margaretha Louisa Catharina Coolbaugh,
(b Dierdorf)
Johannes Kaulbach Sr
(fl 1700, Dierdorf)

court recorder
Maria Getrauda
(maiden surname unknown)
Anna Getrauda Kaulbach
(b 6 Feb 1679)
Dr Johannes Kaulbach Anna Margaretha
(maiden surname unknown)
Anna Elisabetha Kaulbach
(b 22 Dec 1688)
Dietrich Kaulbach Anna Catharina
(maiden surname unknown)
Christina Elisabeth Kaulbach
(b 28 Jan 1690)
Kraft Kaulbach
(d 12 Oct 1692, Dierdorf)
Johann Christian Kaulbach
(d 1694)
Julianna Catharina
(d 1694)
Anna Catharina Kaulbach
Moritz Christian Kaulbach
(b 9 Mar 1697)

became mayor of Dierdorf

Grandfather of Philipp Carl and Christian Kaulbach

1) two [of his sons] Johann Wilhelm (b 4 Jun 1749) and older brother Johann Peter (b 19 Feb 1647), both born in Dierdorf, left between 1768 and 1771 and went to Arolsen to find a new home

2) Johann Wilhelm stayed in Arolsen and Johann Peter went onwards to Holland

3) Johann Wilhelm also brought his older brother Moritz (b 27 Jul 1740) to Arolsen in 1772 as an organist and teacher at the Arolsen village school
Catherina Elisabeth Ehrenstein Moritz Kaulbach
(b 27 Jul 1740, Dierdorf.)

Johann Peter Kaulbach
(b 19 Feb 1747, Dierdorf, fl Arolse, then Holland)

Johann Wilhelm Kaulbach
(b 4 Jun 1749, Dierdorf, fl Arolsen)
Johann Wilhelm Kaulbach
(b 4 Jun 1749, Dierdorf)
(fl Arolsen)

master cabinet and furniture maker (learned trade from Abraham Roentgen in Neuwied)

Father of Philipp Carl and Christian Kaulbach
Johanna Elisabeth Friederike Klein
(m 1770, Arolsen)
(d 1783)
9 sons – including the forefathers of the artistic (von) Kaulbachs (See Part 2):

Philipp Carl Kaulbach
(b 25 Nov 1775, Arolsen)

Christian Kaulbach
(b 30 Aug 1777, Arolsen),

and 4 daughters
Friederike Susanna Rickelt
(m > 1783)

So, how might it be possible to fit the elusive John Martin (von) Kaulbach into this reasonably informative matrix of biodata? For starters, of course, we don't know much from Uncle Bill about John Martin's immediate family anyway.

There are a few minor biographical entries for him on the internet, such as


Family: Johann Jacob *Martin* Kaulbach (1728 – 10 Oct 1792)


Phillip Martin Kaulbach (b 1754)
Susanna Catherine Elizabeth Kaulbach (21 Jul 1754 – 29 Jul 1789)
John Peter Kaulbach (31 May 1755 – 14 Jun 1839)
Ann Elizabeth Kaulbach (1756 – 21 Nov 1775)
Henry Kaulbach (31 Dec 1758 –19 Jun 1833)
Jacob Kaulbach (b 1760)
Anna (Margaret) Kaulbach (c 1761 – 30 Jan 1848)
George Kaulbach (1763 – 9 Apr 1781)
Magdalena Drusilla Kaulbach (8 Sep 1765 –16 Oct 1808)
Anna Maria Kaulbach (c 1768 – 18 Jul 1844)
Sophia Kaulbach (1773 – 1865)



"We have an arrival record at the Archives, Halifax, of only one Kaulbach – a John Martin, on the ship "Ann", Mstr. John Spurrier, arriving Halifax 5 Jul 1750. John Martin Kaulbach gave his home address as [Montbéliard], a small [Protestant] town in France on the German-[Swiss] border. He was 17 years of age. On February 1 1751, he married Anna Madgalena Coch, at St. Paul's Anglican Church, Halifax. She was the daughter of Anton Koch (now Cook), and died at the age of 76 on 13 Mar 1807.

In 1787 Martin was granted 300 farm acres in 2nd Div. Lunenburg, and on 1 June 1760, a garden lot in the 1st Div. He also owned lots at Indian Point and Salmon River in the 3rd Div. Final grant to his heirs was 30 June 1784 – 778 acres."

but by far the most complete (and thoroughly researched) accounts of Johann Martin Kaulbach are provided by Kathleen Whatley in her excellent family tree on the ancestry website,

and Bob Meehan's / Corey Dawkins's account on Wikitree, which also lists a number of documentary references.

See also confirmatory accounts in

#IndividualSpouse / PartnerFamily
Johann Wilhelm Kaulbach
(b ca 1660, Dierdorf)
Anna Elisabetha
(m 28 Jan 1685, Dierdorf)
Johann Diedrich Kaulbach
(17 Feb 1686, Dierdorf –
2 Jan 1747, Dierdorf)

Johann Peter Kaulbach
(1 Mar 1696 –
7 Mar 1759)
Johann Peter Kaulbach
(1 Mar 1696 –
7 Mar 1759)
Anna Margarethe Abresch
(1693 –
Johann Martin (Michael) Kaulbach
(4 Mar 1728, Dierdorf –
10 Oct 1792, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg)

Johann Jacob Kaulbach

Ann Margaret Kaulbach
= Matthias Bleisteiner
(25 Dec 1753, Halifax NS)
Johann Martin (Michael) Kaulbach
(4 Mar 1728, Dierdorf –
10 Oct 1792, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg)
Anna Magdalena Koch
(1733, Germany –
26 Oct 1813, Lunenburg)
(m 1 Feb 1751)

d of Anton Koch (1690- 1782) and Gertrude Hulbusch (d 1704)
Anna M Kaulbach
(1752 –
16 Dec 1811)

Susanna Catherine Elizabeth (Eisenhauer) Kaulbach
(21 Jul 1754 –
29 Jul 1789)

John Peter Kaulbach
(31 May 1755 –
14 Jun 1839)

Ann Elizabeth Kaulbach
(1756 –
21 Nov 1775)

John Henry Kaulbach
(31 Dec 1758 –
19 Jun 1833)

(High Sheriff of Lunenburg

? Jacob Kaulbach
(b 1760)

? Anna (Margaret) Kaulbach
(c 1761 –
30 Jan 1848)

[George] Phillip Martin Kaulbach
(6 Mar 1763 –
9 Apr 1781)

Magdalena Drusilla Kaulbach
(8 Sep 1765 –
16 Oct 1808)

Anna Barbara Kaulbach
(1767 –
8 Apr 1793)

Anna Maria Kaulbach
(c 1768 –
18/19 Jul 1844)

Sophia Kaulbach
(1773 –
John Henry Kaulbach
(31 Dec 1758 –
19 Jun 1833)

(High Sheriff of Lunenburg 1798-1828)
Johanna Barbara Zwicker
(12 Feb 1769 –
21 Apr 1871)
(m 25 Jan 1791)
John Henry Kaulbach
(10 Feb 1796, Lunenberg –
26 Feb 1878, Lunenberg)

George W Kaulbach
(1805, Lunenberg –
22 Jan 1892)

Joshua Nehemiah Kaulbach
(18 Jan 1813, Lunenberg –
3 May 1871, Lunenberg)
= Sophia Edwina LeCain (1810-1870)

But alas, I'm quite unable to integrate Johann Martin Kaulbach's lineage with the rest of those we might call the Dierdorf Kaulbachs as previously tabulated. Bill's own surmise, that Johann Martin Kaulbach was a brother of Moritz Christian Kaulbach (b 9 Mar 1697), seems to be dead in the water, as nothing fits.

There is one entry, highlighted in yellow, that could possibly be what we're looking for:

Dr Johannes Kaulbach Anna Margaretha
(maiden surname unknown)
Anna Elisabetha Kaulbach
(b 22 Dec 1688)

But as we know norra lorra Dr Johannes Kaulbach, his wife Anna Margaretha or (hopefully eldest) daughter, we've simply exchanged one set of uncertainties for another.

It's quite possible, however, that Johann Martin Kaulbach was a half-brother who had taken the name of his Kaulbach step-father. The connection with Montbéliard surely deserves investigation.

I might well resume the search in the not too distant future.