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28 Jan 2022
updated 28 Jan 2022
149132#2 Outfit Model of a Diesel Switcher Loco 
249151ca 1946 #0 A very early example of an outfit with "austerity" packaging and coming from the firm's first address in Quorn not the later Mountsorrel factory
349150ca 1948 #0 Outfit This came with more sophisticated packaging that had opening "wings". This is a Mountsorrel made outfit.
449149ca 1948 #0 Outfit details Note there are still a few nickel plated parts here although most are now blackened steel.
549133ca 1948 #2 Outfit 
649131ca 1948 #3 Outfit 
749136ca 1948 Dealer's Box This is a box of parts from the Mountsorrel factory with a supply of two each of the manuals 1 to 3 and a range of spare parts.
849135ca 1948 Dealer's Box details The parts here all have price labels on them.
949134Late 40s Outfits List This complex list of outfits was published in 1949. Very few of these outfits have every been unearthed and none of the large ones.