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Robotyper. Right unit made paper rolls. Form letters were produced by a typewriter resting on the left unit.
Other automatic typewriters included the Robotyper, which was introduced in 1935, and the Flexowriter, which was introduced in the early 1940s. The Robotyper was pneumatic and used paper rolls. According to a 1951 ad by the Robotyper Corp., Hendersonville, NC, "Operating four Robotypers, one girl can produce from 600 to 800 perfectly typed, personalized letters in an 8-hour day." (See photo top right.) Robotyper introduced the Carlson Selector (see photo bottom right) in 1951 for answering letters using paragraph stored on punched cards. "The executive determines from a list of predetermined paragraphs" the ones that will properly answer each letter. The operator could also use the Carlson as a conventional manual typewriter.

Robotyper and Instructions (MBHT)

Carlson Selector punch card Robotyper, 1951

Carlson Selector punch card Robotyper, 1951