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28 Jan 2022
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Robert Erskine Waddell

The sudden death of "Robin" Waddell (as he was always called) came as a great shock and sorrow to all who remembered him at St George's. He was not quite twenty-two years of age.

Robin came to the school in May 1925, and left in April 1931. During those six years he endeared himself to everybody by the charm of his personality, his cheery good nature and his pleasing sense of humour. Few boys can have left such pleasant memories behind them. He was a plucky football player, and in the choir he became leader of the Cantoris. From St George's he went to Cheltenham College, and on leaving Cheltenham he joined a firm at Chesterfield. But his heart was not in his work, and he decided to get into the regular army through the Territorials. He became a Second-Lieutenant in the 40th A.A. Battery, Sherwood Foresters (T.A.), and in August he went to Lichfield for a six weeks' training course with the 1st A.A. Regiment, R.A. On September 21st he was suddenly stricken with infantile paralysis, and passed away on the 23rd, to the great grief of his comrades, with whom he was deservedly popular. He was buried with full military honours at Whittington Church, near Lichfield.

The sympathy of all at St George's went out to Robin's parents, and brothers and sisters.

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