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23 Jan 2024
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[I think this letter was written, sealed and sent ashore for posting after RW had boarded but before Majestic finally got under way on Thursday 21/2/35]


[≤ Thursday 21/2/35]

[Dearest Wife,]

Not bunks for me, but ornate beds, and chests of drawers & wardrobes galore. A marvellous wash place with twin basins, h & c, & an ornate mirror of vast [...] above. I have a nice little writing desk & arm chair & sofa, and a steward & stewardess to tuck me up & kiss me good night. It only remains now to get on with the job we are really here for – crossing the Atlantic.

Before sealing up this may I remind you

1] Get Robin get the heater home for the bath room.

2] Remember to get the poplars pruned down – not by Burton [gardener?].

Cut through the main leader close down to the lowest branches close down to the lowest buds. All cuts to be diagonal & with a sharp instrument.

Now must dress for dinner,

All my love,