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23 Jan 2024
updated 23 Jan 2024

Winners of the Times Crossword Championship

The Times Crossword Championship was first held in 1970, having been instituted by Edmund Akenhead, the Times crossword editor at the time. It has been held every year since then, apart from breaks in 1982 and 2001-2005.

1970Roy Dean
1971James Atkins
1972John Sykes
1973John Sykes
1974John Sykes
1975John Sykes
1976James Atkins
1977John Sykes
1978Eric Rodick
1979Roy Dean
1980John Sykes
1981Tony Sever
1983John Sykes
1984Terry Girdlestone
1985John Sykes
1986Michael Wareham
1987William Pilkington
1988William Pilkington
1989John Sykes
1990John Sykes
1991Michael Macdonald-Cooper
1992Guy Haslam
1993Peter Mayo
1994William Pilkington
1995Helen Ougham
1996John Henderson
1997David Howell
1998Alastair Sutherland
1999Mark Goodliffe
2000Peter Biddlecombe
2006Helen Ougham
2007Peter Biddlecombe
2008Mark Goodliffe
2009Mark Goodliffe
2010Mark Goodliffe
2011Mark Goodliffe
2012Mark Goodliffe
2013Mark Goodliffe
2014Mark Goodliffe
2015Mark Goodliffe
2016Mark Goodliffe
2017Mark Goodliffe
2018Roger Crabtree
2019Mark Goodliffe