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The Clive-Smith link

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‑3Colin Mackay Smith
(12 Mar 1832, Thurso –
18 Feb 1901, Hunters Hill, NSW)
Isabella Strachan
(b 1831)
Clive Smith
(1860 –
‑2Clive Smith
(1860 –
Estella Constance Metcalfe
(b 1877)
Havelock Clive-Smith
(6 Jun 1901, Adelaide –
28 Apr 1964)
‑2Henry Walter Thres
(1865 –
Katherine Radford
(1874 –
Renée Clare Thres
(20 Jan 1916 –
15 Apr 1996)
‑1Renée Clare Thres
(20 Jan 1916 –
15 Apr 1996)

Dennis Arthur Green
(9 Dec 1913, Madras –
2 Jul 1940)
(m Q3 1939, Surrey NW, vol 1717, p2a)
Havelock Clive-Smith
(6 Jun 1901, Adelaide –
28 Apr 1964)
(m 26 Jun 1943)

Virginia Clive-Smith
(b ca 1944)

Martin Clive-Smith
(b ca 1947)

It's rather odd that Havelock Clive-Smith gave his father's name as Colin Clive-Smith on his marriage certificate, as no such individual appears to have existed. Perhaps he did so as his father's actual name was plain, unadorned, un-hyphenated Clive Smith. Even his place of birth and date of death are incorrectly given in his ancestry.co.uk family record.

The spurious hyphen was regularly employed as a social leg-up in the dishonest 1930's to convey a bogus family distinction, and IMHO this was no exception. But “Clive” carried this to excess by dropping his first name (though in this case who wouldn't!) and was always known as Clive. I encountered him only once or twice when Katie determinedly drove Simon and myself down to Hindhead for the day in the late 1950's, and took a firm aversion to him.

Clare on the other hand was very nice indeed, much better than he deserved, though she was a heavy smoker, with facial wrinkles to rival W H Auden. I feel pretty sure that she and Katie met at some juncture in the Alan Good organisation during the war, as per my father's ribald recollections of the uninhibited weekend get-togethers at Glympton Park in those days.

Katie was always a very supportive godmother to Virginia, who attended Katie's funeral in 2008, then disappeared to the house with Simon to collect some mementos left to her by Katie, and thereafter seemed to vanish from the face of the earth.

Martin, a very bright lad, attended Imperial College and has gone on to a stellar career (qv on the internet).