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19 Dec 2022
updated 21 Dec 2022
  1. Untitled

    I am the noises you hear in the night
    I am the movement in flickering light
    I am the creaking of empty chairs
    I am the dark at the foot of the stairs

    I am the form at the edge of vision
    I am the letter lost by elision
    I am the sound you think you hear
    I'm the last days at the end of the year

    I am the dream you can't quite bring clear
    I am the trail left by a tear
    I am the shadow that isn't quite there
    I am the dark at the foot of the stairs
  2. DOG

    To my dog
    I am a
    Try to be
    A good god
    To my

    I am the light-bearer
    Bringer of dawn
    Son of the mourning
    I am the rose wearer
    My black cloak torn
    My light dies a-borning

    Flung out of the night
    Into the light
    The sun blots my being;
    Cast down from the height
    Unable to fight
    Killed by the all-seeing

    I am the rose wearer
    Bringer of dawn
    Sun of the morning
    I am the light-bearer
    My black cloak torn
    My light dies a-borning.

    There in the background is the smoky sense
    Of old Persian gardens in the autumn afternoon;
    Bathing in fountains in the past imperfect tense,
    Dazed and lazing to a half-heard time-warmed tune.

    Diving hands entangled in loved pale yellow hairs,
    Watching old dogs cavorting among the weeds and tares,
    Lost in the dream of childhood's long abandoned airs,
    Up the creeper covered camber of a slighted castle's
    Spiral stairs.

    An incised brick commemorates long unremembered dead
    In a long-forgotten pleasaunce enmeshed by deep qanats;
    A pious old attendant anticipates his Lord's return with dread,
    His mind entombed in habit and opiatic plaits.
  5. URGES

    We have an urge
    (You can times by ten)
    To leave our mark
    In the world of men

    We have an urge
    (Multiply by nine) To fill our bodies
    With food and wine

    We have an urge
    (Increased by eight)
    To gain admittance
    Through love's soft gate

    We have an urge
    (Multiply by seven)
    To pass eternity
    In the light of heaven

    Some have an urge
    (Advanced by six)
    To wreck our bodies
    With opiate fix

    We all have urges
    (Enlarged by five)
    To do all manner
    While we're alive

    Yes we all have urges
    (Increased by four)
    Which cease, I think,
    At death's dark door

    Our urges leave us
    (By three and three)
    As we cast our eyes
    On that blasted tree

    Even the drive
    (Increased two fold)
    To gather in riches
    And increase our gold

    As dark closes over us
    (One on one)
    When our eyes are shut
    And our days are done.