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28 Jan 2022
updated 28 Jan 2022

The Hull Packet / and East Riding Times

Extracts relating to Charles Farquharson Findlay
and the other protagonists in the Saner scandal

Fri19 Jan187754Maj Saner becomes 4th East York Artillery Volunteers officerN
Fri24 Aug187762Maj Saner promoted to Lt ColN
Wed28 Aug187863The Japan Mail (*)Y
Fri25 Oct187864-5Lt Baxter resignsY
Fri16 May187952Col Humphrey rebuttalY
Fri13 Jun187982Col Humphrey investigatedY
Fri8 Aug187955Col Humphrey vindicatedY
Wed24 Dec187922-6"Snapdragon"
Fri23 Jan188052Sergeants Mess DinnerY
Fri30 Jan188051Letter from "An Old Volunteer"Y
Fri6 Feb188043-4The New Dock DirectorY
Fri13 Feb188051"Dreaming & drifting from Tay to Thames" notice
3Editorial re Saner situationY
3Editorial re Horsley letterY
4Letter from "Once an Artilleryman"Y
6Letter from "A Timber Merchant's Clerk"Y
Fri20 Feb188022-3"Dreaming & drifting from Tay to Thames, 1"
Fri27 Feb188022-6"Dreaming & drifting from Tay to Thames, 2"
Fri5 Mar188024-6"Dreaming & drifting from Tay to Thames, 3"
Fri12 Mar188032-6"Dreaming & drifting from Tay to Thames, 4"
Mon12 Apr188026Editorial re Saner SituationY
Tue13 Apr188031Proprietorial ApologyY
Tue20 Apr188026The Findlay Defence FundY
Tue20 Apr188032-3Mr Saner and the Hull PacketY
Wed21 Apr188027The Findlay Defence FundY
Thu22 Apr188026The Findlay Defence FundY
Fri23 Apr188082The Findlay Defence FundY
Fri7 May188032-5Saner v Findlay and Three DirectorsY
Fri18 Jun188051Col Humphrey resignsY
1-2Returning the uniformsY
Fri25 Jun188042-3The Artillery ScandalY
5-6Parliament, Press, Lord LondesboroughY
Fri2 Jul188046Another meeting of membersY
46Col Humphrey suspendedY
Fri9 Jul188051Col Humphrey dismissedY
Fri30 Jul188071-2Queen v FindlayY
6Capt Middleton resignsY
Fri19 Nov188053-4Findlay: Judgement and SentenceY

(*) Please note that starred items originate from other sources.