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The Dodds Connection

Aunt(ie) Jean, widow of Uncle Peter Waddell, like Aunt(ie) Val, relict of Elton Gueritz, was sighted very infrequently in the dysfunctional corner of the family that I inhabited. Both of them doubtlessly good and kindly Great-Aunts, they were however rarely put to the test, so to speak, and I have no visual memory of them, unfortunately.

My parents did once take me, aged about 9, to visit Peter and Jean in their very large house (Burford Lodge, Depot Road, in the heart of Horsham; but now sadly no more – my wife and I often remark that new developments down the ages so often bear the names of what has had to be uprooted or demolished in order to make room for its usurpers, as first noted by our literary hero G K Chesterton, but in this case it has no memorial) set in an extensive garden, into which I was sent out to play. In the afternoon I was taken to a local fête, where I won a goldfish in a bowl at the hoop-la stall; sadly, I left it in the waiting room, not unlike The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, at Horsham Station when we caught the train back to London.

There are numerous points of interest (particularly as to her maternal grandfather$) in Jean's immediate ancestry, as tabulated below, and indeed a good many more in her brother James' step-posterity – which I first started to twig on reading The Times obituary of Virginia Surtees (Sep 2017), in which the name of David Craig was briefly mentioned.

In view of that extraordinary cotangency, I've also started to wonder whether there is a further connection with Agnes Dods (sic) Jamieson, the wife of cousin Eddie Findlay – Granny Weatherwax of Discworld asserts that million-to-one chances regularly come up nine times out of ten.

Elizabeth I famously offered all of her possessions for an extra moment of time in extremis, but it would take a lot longer than that to properly research speculations of this sort, and one does have to reluctantly relinquish them for lack of the necessary collateral.

#IndividualSpouse / PartnerFamily
‑4Capt Edward Picton Warlow alias Baumgarten
(1830/3 –

10th Hussars
Anna Isabella Mackenzie
(d 1927)
(m 23 Aug 1860)

daughter of Rev Charles Mackenzie,
Rector of Allhallows, London, and Prebendary of St Paul's Cathedral.
9 children
(4 girls, 5 boys)
in 15 years


Frances Henrietta Warlow
(b 29 Jul 1861)

Helen Picton Baumgarten
(b 3 Sep 1863)
‑3Helen Picton Baumgarten
(b 3 Sep 1863)

Census 1911

nb her birth in the United Provinces
Sir James Miller Dodds
(1862, Glasgow –
25 Oct 1935)
(m 19 Jun 1889)


Under-Secretary at the Scottish Office 1909/21

2nd son of Rev James Dodds, DD, minister of the parish of Corstorphine, Midlothian
Frances Jean Macalister Dodds
(27 Mar 1890 –
20 Oct 1978)

James Leishman Dodds
(5 May 1891 –
13 Aug 1972)

Helen Isobel Mackenzie Dodds
(b ca 1894)

Edward Anthony Charles Dodds
(b 12 Mar 1898)
Joint portrait
‑2Frances Jean Macalister Dodds
(27 Mar 1890 –
20 Oct 1978)
Peter Hately Waddell
(15 Dec 1881 –
30 Mar 1955)
(m 11 Nov 1920)

Geoffrey Peter Hately Waddell
(2 Nov 1921 –
27 Sep 1982)

James Robert Erskine Waddell
(7 Feb 1926 –
28 Jun 2007)

John Macalister Waddell
(15 Apr 1927 –
28 Mar 2003)
‑2Sir James Leishman Dodds
(5 May 1891 –
13 Aug 1972)

2nd Lt / Captain R.G.A.

British Ambassador to Cuba and later Peru; Rolls-Royce enthusiast.
Bertha Etelka (née Surtees) Bell
(15 Oct 1891 –
19 Dec 1974)
(m 7 Jul 1927, Paris)

widow of Edward (Ned) R Bell
a daughter of this marriage:

Josephine Leishman Dodds
(b ca 1928)

plus two stepdaughters:

Evangeline (Vangie) Bell
(27 Nov 1914 –
12 Dec 1995)

Virginia (no way Ginnie) Bell
(9 Jan 1917 –
22 Sep 2017)
‑1Evangeline Bell A
(27 Nov 1914 –
13 Dec 1995)


David Kirkpatrick Este Bruce
(12 Feb 1898 –
5 Dec 1977)
(m 23 Apr 1945)

his second marriage

US ambassador
Alexandra (Sasha) Bruce
(1946 –
7 Nov 1975)

David Surtees Bruce
(24 Feb 1948 –
24 Feb 2008)

Nicholas C Bruce
‑1Virginia Bell1,  2,  3,  4

(9 Jan 1917 –
22 Sep 2017)


ultimately redevenue Virginia Surtees

as a cultural ingenu myself, she irresistibly reminds me of Saki's Francesca Bassington

though I have always and uncritically loved the Pre-Raphaelites ever since I saw Burne-Jones' King Cophetua and the Beggarmaid at an early age, but now I've seen Leighton's version I hugely prefer the looks of his maid.

I'm an irredeemably testosterone-driven low-brow as regards the visual arts. Perhaps that's more honourable than judging them simply by auction-value.

The finest artistic creation of all time for me is Leonardo's cartoon of The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and John the Baptist. Nothing else comes even close. OMG, perhaps I fancy the BVM – I'm headed for the pit of boiling sulphur.
Henry Ashley Clarke
(26 Jun 1903 –
20 Jan 1994)
(m 15 Jun 1937

his first marriage

no children
David Leonard Craig
(30 May 1914 –
11 Oct 1996)
(m 1960 –

widower, several children, had proposed marriage unsuccessfully to Frances Hannah Waddell

highly successful airline executive
‑1Josephine Leishman Dodds
(b ca 1928)
Sqn Ldr Hugh Glyn Laurence Arthur Brooking
(2 Nov 1914 –
May 2000)
(m 1949)

(King's Messenger)


younger son of Hugh Cyril Arthur Brooking
(15 Sep 1870 –
31 May 1918)

and Florence Eugenie Day

elder brother (b 1912) was Granville Reginald Arthur Brooking
Hugh Brooking
A C David Hyman, The Georgian Ladies' Social Club: Power, Passion and Politics in the Nation's Capital, Simon & Schuster, 2004

He repeatedly mentions her irresistible beauty and voracious libido, particularly focussed on well-to-do elderly academics, or diplomats, of the sort now known as silver foxes. I'd view her as immaculately groomed but not of the calibre that launched a thousand ships.

He also describes her almost pathological aversion to her mother, Etelka, who was said by all others who knew her to be a delightful and kindly woman. The obituaries of Virginia, too, remark on a froideur between Virginia and Etelka. Family dynamics are a black box to outsiders, but perhaps these difficulties had their origins in Ned Bell's alcoholic twilight.


See for example the following contribution from Forfarian, with whom I am moderately well-acquainted, and whom I regard as easily the best, most knowledgeable and most incisive researcher that I've encountered in six years.



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Re: Wallace Robert Temple Picton-Warlow and Isobel

<< Reply #5 on: Wednesday 15 April 15 12:01 BST (UK) >>

Not part of what you are looking for, but the name Picton-Warlow caught my eye because I am currently indulging in a bit of headscratching about one of that name.

Anne Isabella Mackenzie married Edward Picton Baumgarten, other name Edward Picton Warlow, in London in 1860. Edward was born in 1830/3, and served in the Army. Most of the children were born in India. As a very young Cornet, he was the victim of bullying while serving in Australia. In the census he uses Baumgarten. In 1891 he says he was born in Cheltenham (at least I think it's Cheltenham - it looks like Chillenham), in 1901 he says Cheltenham and in 1911 he says he was born in Bognor. He died in 1913, death registered as Baumgarten, and FamilySearch says he was born as Warlow in Pembrokeshire - twice! once on 24 November 1830, and again on 20 November 1831 – and died on 21 October 1913 as Warlow.

Have you come across this Edward, and do you know why he had two surnames?